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Week Commencing Monday 31st March

Reminder to parents: the College day ends at 1:45pm on Tuesday 1st April and on Thursday 3rd April. Monday and Wednesday are both normal College days. College is closed on Friday 4th April for staff training. We also look forward to greeting ex-students and colleagues at our annual FOWS reunion on Thursday evening. Tickets for this event are now sold out. Please do not arrive at the venue without a ticket.


Walker to Majorca

Walker Technology College is hosting a fantastic event in order to raise money for Sport Relief on Friday 23rd March 2014. All students will be either walking or jogging one mile around our Astro pitch with the aim of reaching a combined total of 1037 miles – the distance between Walker and Majorca! Students taking part in this event are allowed to wear their trainers all day and will be asked to donate £1 towards the Sport Relief charity. Some students will also be taking part in a sponsored Triathlon which consists of a 200m swim, 4km cycle and 4km run.
To apply to take part in the Triathlon, please collect an application form from the Girls PE office.
We can do this Walker!


Going Dutch

On Friday 21st March and Friday 28th March, we will be welcoming students and staff from our Dutch partner school in Lek en Linge. The highlight of the visit is the annual Holland v England football match. Historically, this event is eagerly anticipated by both schools and competition is fierce but friendly! We look forward to welcoming the staff and students to Walker Technology College, exchanging experiences and sharing our fantastic school. Hopefully, the weather will be kind to us!


Growing up Online

Like it or not, the internet and social networking is here to stay. As your child grows and becomes more independent, it is only natural that they take this independence online. The internet has changed all of our lives, and your child has grown up during this change. Many of the things that confuse, baffle or even scare us, are part of the everyday for them. For many of us, this can all be a bit too much and it’s likely that you’ll be playing catch-up with the way your child is using the internet.
What can you do to help your child stay safe online?

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Rowing to Victory

Walker Technology College successfully hosted the level 2 city indoor rowing competition on 28th January 2014. The competition was well attended by a host of schools from all across the city; including pupils from Benfield, St Mary’s, Kenton, Gosforth and Sacred Heart. Of the eight students representing the college, four qualified for the next stage of the competition, to be held on 7th February 2014 at Sports Central, Northumbria University. Well done to all who participated and good luck to Denise, Liam, Karl and Beth!

Mrs Kemp-Hardy


Meet Daniel – one of two new Head Boys

My experiences in this school have been incredible and rewarding. Listening to people’s opinions and putting them forward is one of the reasons of why I wanted to be Head Boy. I want to show prospective students how good Walker Technology College and Sixth Form has become.



Meet Connor – one of two new Head Boys

As Head Boy, I bring a very creative and logical approach to situations and suitably adapt to the needs asked of me. I am very willing to take on board the opinions of other students and staff alike to better Walker Technology College for students in the years below me. I feel that I can use my flexibility and organisation to apply and sustain my responsibility effectively, helping me toward achieving my dream, and creating a better Walker for everyone.


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College Urgent Updates

Welcome from the Headteacher

When it comes to GCSE examination success, parents have a right to expect the best teachers for their students; top quality support when they need it most with ambition to reach full potential. We settle for nothing but the best at Walker Technology College. Our starting belief is that every student can pass.

Great Teachers
Walker is one of the few schools to have Advanced Skills Teachers in English, Maths and Science. We are also lucky in that we have an Advanced Skills Teacher leading 'The Works'. These teachers are nationally recognised as being in the top 10% of all teachers in the country. Students have achieved outstanding results in these most vital subjects including A* grades at GCSE, even in year 10.

Great support
Walker is the only school in the North East running focussed assertive mentoring for Year 11 students. Students are assigned a mentor to guide and support them through the crucial preparation to the final GCSE examinations. This involves regular quality time and support with an outstanding teacher and mentor to help manage the stresses and challenges of the examination season.

Great expectations
The government expects 3 levels of progress in English and Mathematics in secondary school. At Walker Technology College we want more. Our aim for all students is 4 levels of progress in English and Mathematics. What does this mean? If your child achieved a level 5 in their Year 6 KS2 SAT in English or Maths, at Walker we expect our teachers to aim for a grade A at GCSE for that student. Level 6 students will be encouraged to achieve A* at GCSE.

The students at Walker Technology College are better prepared than ever before for the competitive world that faces them following secondary school. Whether they choose to stay on in our own sixth form, move on to college, get an apprenticeship or employment we are confident our teaching, support and ambition will ensure they have the best start in their adult life.

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